How Do I Kiss?

Get your rough guide to smooth smooching here...


What does kissing feel like?

Anything from quite nice to, well, spine tinglingly fantastic!

There are a huge number of nerve endings inside and around our mouths. Rubbing them together with someone else's huge number of nerve endings has been a source of human pleasure since forever.

What's the best way to kiss?

This depends on who's doing the kissing and what kind of mood they're in.

Take it easy at first and be gentle with any lip or tongue sucking. Most folk agree biting is a no-no unless it's very VERY gently nibbles.

Don't forget to take a breather now and then!

Tongue or no tongue?

This is up to the kissers. Some people call kissing with tongues 'french kissing'.

Safe to say, it's best not to jump in straight away and start thrusting your tongue in and out like a sink plunger.

Explore with a few gentle licks first and see how it goes.

Can I catch diseases from kissing?

Unfortunately, yes you can, but nothing too serious.  However, you can catch colds, flu, tummy bugs and other viruses.

Kissers can also catch and pass on cold sores.

If you feel unwell, do your partner a favour and lay off until you feel better again.

What about doing more than kissing?

Just because you've kissed, it doesn't mean you have to go any further.

You shouldn't feel under any pressure to do anything you're not into - especially pressure to have sex.

Whatever you decide, it's vital you get clued-up on safer sex.