Have Yourself a Dry January

Feeling a bit done with alcohol after the festive season? Why not give up alcohol in January for both your health and for charity! 

What is Dry January?

Dry January is a challenge to refrain from drinking for the entire month, and it's a great way to start the year fresh and make up for any Christmas tipples you may have indulged in over December. The concept was set up as a charity challenge to raise money for Alcohol Change UK, who help people affected by alcohol misuse. You can create a fundraising page for your family and friends to sponsor you in your mission, to ban the booze, and donate money to Alcohol Change UK on Just Giving.

Why should I take on the Dry January challenge?

There are plenty of reasons to get involved with Dry January. Firstly, if your New Year’s resolution is to do more for charity then Dry January is the perfect way to get started. Plus, there are a bunch of personal benefits to cutting down on booze.

  • Cutting out alcohol will help your body to feel and look healthier and fitter (which is yet another resolution ticked off the list!)
  • Your skin will also look much healthier and fresher, which is definitely a bonus following any late night festive celebrations
  • You can save money, which will no doubt be especially helpful if you're feeling the pinch after Christmas
  • You’ll have more time to make the most of your weekend without a horrid hangover dragging you down

How can I keep on track for the whole month?

Feeling the pressure?

Are your mates telling you to ‘just have one drink’ or that they’ll feel bad if you aren’t drinking? Just remind them that it’s a challenge for charity, and that you intend to complete it to make a positive start to the new year. And if they say they want to buy you a drink, get them to donate the money to your fundraising page instead! 

Need a release? 

Sometimes it can be easy to reach for a glass of wine or a beer after a stressful day… but you can relieve stress in other ways. Why not go for a run, or do an exercise routine - there are loads of free ones on YouTube. Not only is it good stress relief, but your body will also release a bunch of endorphins which will put you in a good mood - and you’ll get fit too! 

Confidence crumble?

Some people feel they can socialise better when they have had a couple of drinks – but booze could be hiding some red flags about who you hang out with. When you are sober, you might find you have a lower tolerance to company you don’t really find fun and if you find you're not enjoying hanging out with your mates when you don’t have a drink in you, that could be a sign to find a new group of friends…the same thing goes for dating too!

Boozy gifts?

If you are planning on participating with Dry January next year, ask family and friends not to buy you any alcoholic gifts this festive season. It means you won’t feel bad for not making use of their present, and you won’t be tempted to drink either!

Download the app!

There's a handy free app that can help you can keep on track for the whole month. It's got lots of cool features like totalling up how much money you've saved, as well as recipes to try out and fun workouts to do in your spare time too! Available for iOS and Android. 

With so many benefits for both yourself and charity, it really is worth joining up for Dry January this new year. 

Find out more about the dangers of alcohol, drugs and smoking on the Choices For Life landing page.