Have a DIY Halloween

Young Scot's guide to a spooktacularly savvy Halloween, with tutorials and more!


No-mess Pumpkins

You will need: orange balloons, string, black paper, scissors and glue.

Step 1 - Using your scissors, cut out eye shapes, a nose and a mouth from the black paper - or you could cut out any kind of animal or other shape!

Step 2 - Stick these bits onto the balloon using the glue, keeping the tied part at the top.

Step 3 - Tie the balloons about 30cm apart (depending on how big they are) onto the string or yarn.

Step 4 - Hang them up anywhere you like!

Balloon Ghouls

You will need: white balloons, white napkins, string or yarn, glue, scissors and black paper.

Step 1 - Using your scissors, cut triangles into the sides of your folded napkin - but not at the sides that are joins!

Step 2 - Cut a small slit into the middle of the napkin then tie a piece of string around the end of the blown-up balloon and thread through the napkin hole.

Step 3 - Using your scissors, cut out shapes from the black paper to give your ghoul eyes and a mouth and stick these on using the glue.

Step 4 - Hang it up! You can give your ghosts loads of different expressions as we've done. It's usually best to use tape to hang your ghoul from the ceiling or a doorway (if you can reach!) but we've spooked up our shelves...

Costume Ideas

The Snapchat Ghost

Find out how to put the costume together and try out our other Social Media themed costumes!

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