Going to a Gig in a Wheelchair

Concerts are great fun, but when you’re heading to a gig in a wheelchair it often takes a little bit more forward planning. Robyn Sneddon, 16, shares her top five tips with us.

Arrive at the venue before doors open

This gives you time to purchase food, drinks and merchandise, find the location of the accessible toilets, find your seats and fix any other problems that may pop up in order to let you really enjoy the show when it begins.

Always remove your bag from the back of your wheelchair

There could be people seated behind you so keeping your bag on your lap will help keep it safe, and make sure it doesn’t get stolen or damaged in any way.

Anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser are your friends

There’s no guarantee of just how clean the accessible toilet facilities will be inside the venue; bringing your own supply of wipes and sanitiser will help stop any nasty germs from spreading.

Arrange a specific meeting point

If you’re being picked up after the event make sure to arrange a specific meeting point so that you don’t have to waste any time fighting your way through everyone. Crowds aren’t much fun to endure in a wheelchair, so it’s much better to know exactly where to go after the gig and to get back into the comfort of your own home as soon as you can.

Always take a mobile phone with you

We pretty much have our phones on us non-stop anyway, but it’s even more vital to take it with you when you’re going to a gig. If any problems were to arise or a new meeting point had to be arranged, having a mobile phone with you would be an absolute lifesaver.

You can also tick off our checklist for attending a gig in a wheelchair to make sure you're prepared.

Tips on attending a gig in a wheelchair