The Best Apps to Help You Learn a New Language

Although the best way to learn a language is to get real world experience, there's loads of apps to help you get started. We've compiled some of the best below, hover over the image to learn more.


Image of DuoLingo application open on a mobile phone next to some headphones on a wooden table

This free and accessible app has bitesize chunks of learning which can make mastering that new language easy! You can practice your writing skills, speaking skills and reading skills with Duolingo and you can set weekly reminders to ensure you're practicing enough. 

Duolingo works best when it's in 'online mode' so make sure to use it with WiFi or Data. 


Image of Memrise application open on a mobile phone that is sitting on a desk

This app is great for practising and expanding your vocabulary. Memrise is set up like a game where you score points for correct answers. You can also listen to audio recordings of words and phrases. This app is highly recommended for beginners!

You can get 50% off an annual Pro subscription to Memrise with Young Scot, which means instead of £69.99 a year, you only spend £34.99 - and get to learn up to 23 languages on the app or website! All you need is a free Young Scot Membership.

Google Translate 

Image of the google translate app being downloaded on a phone with trees in the background

Google Translate is a great app for when you need to quickly translate text. It can also translate text live through video so you don't have to type anything. This comes in handy if a restaurant prints its menu in different languages!


Image of the tandem application being downloaded on a phone

Tandem app sets you up with a learning buddy to exchange languages. Speaking with a native speaker can help take your conversational language to the next level! 

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