Five Ways International Experiences Can Benefit Your Career

Whether it’s studying abroad, going on a school exchange or attending intercultural events in your community, international experiences can benefit your career. Here are just five reasons to go international.

1. You'll gain lots of skills that employers love

After spending time abroad young people often say they come home feeling more independent and more confident in their own abilities. Engaging with other cultures and experiencing different ways of doing things improves skills in communication, team work and problem solving. You will learn to appreciate other approaches, adapt to new situations and stay calm when things don't go as planned. If that wasn't enough, international experience suggests to employers that you're proactive, up for a challenge and have a thirst for life. 

2. You'll gain a global outlook

More general than the skills listed above is the global outlook you gain from international experience. In an increasingly international workplace, employers are looking for people who understand different cultures and consider cultural sensitivities. Whatever your job, having knowledge of how your sector works in other countries will make your CV stand out. 

3. Your language skills will improve

If you think you don't need to learn another language because you're working in an English speaking country, think again. In Scotland, more and more companies are working internationally, so even if you never leave your home town you might have to speak to suppliers in China, contact organisations in Spain or work with your employer's sister company in Italy. It's hard to think of a job which wouldn't benefit from a second language. Visit our language learning tips for daily life** article to help score your dream job!

4. You might discover your dream job

Talking of dream jobs, the most exciting benefit on this list is that through international experience you could discover what you want to do in life! When you travel you come across new hobbies, events and ways of doing things. You might hear about a job that you didn't even know existed or find a new interest in a specific field.  

5. You'll develop a global network

As well as opening yourself up to new experiences and jobs, international experience allows you to meet a lot of people with different life experience. This is a great opportunity to learn about new opportunities and tips for getting into different roles. Friendships from fast situations like study abroad and almost by accident you can create a network of contacts across the world. You never know how this might help you in the future. 

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