Getting the Basics Right

We all share basic needs. If we make sure they're met, we've a better chance of being happy and well.

What do you mean by 'basic needs'?

  • sleep
  • food and drink
  • someone to talk to
  • somewhere safe to stay
  • relaxation and fun

How can taking care of basics help make me happy?

Think of it another way, if we're lacking in these areas, alarm bells start ringing in our minds and in our bodies. Being hungry or thirsty, for example, is distracting and uncomfortable long before it gets life threatening.

If we're short on sleep, we can struggle to find the mental and physical energy we need to get through the day. We need people we know we can talk with to stop us feeling lonely and isolated.

And without relaxation and a bit of fun here and there, life can soon get stressful and perhaps boring too.

How can this help me?

If you're feeling bad, ask yourself:

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no', then taking steps to fill the gaps could help.

Of course, you may also need to tackle problems, but you'll be better able to do that if you get the basics of life sorted out.