Getting About In Winter Weather

Snow, rain, ice, wind - the weather can make it really hard to get about. Find out the best ways to make travelling as easy as possible.

Double check travel before you leave

Before you leave in the morning, or leave uni/school/work at the end of the day, have a look on various website for travel updates. You can check out the Traffic Scotland website to see journey times, weather warnings, accidents or roadworks happening across Scotland. 

Find out how else you can get to where you need to go. Train? Bus? Tram? Make sure you have back up plans. Although we wouldn't recommend the above mode of travel... 

Download handy apps

Download apps like Scotrail and Traveline Scotland to track trains, get news and figure out other ways to travel.  

Track on social media

Follow local bus companies, @ScotRail, @ReadyScotland and @metofficeScot on Twitter who can give you up to date news on which services are running or cancelled.

Know when the last trains and buses are

Double check when the last train is before you head on a night out – and always have spare money in case you need to get a taxi home.

Make sure your phone is fully charged

Top it up to 100% before you leave, or if you want to be super prepared, invest in a portable charger which can top you up on the go.

Bring snacks and entertainment

You might be stuck waiting around for public transport – make sure you have some snacks (fruit or cereal/granola bars) and some analogue entertainment (like a book!) to keep you from being bored and hungry.


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