Four Tips to Surviving a Holiday With Your Family or Friends

1. Have a plan for getting to your destination

A person unrolling a 'Battle Plan' across a table showing lots of plans

Organise everything the night before so you aren’t rushing about when you need to leave – so make sure you’re fully packed and just keep out the things you’ll need in the morning, like toothbrush/toothpaste/makeup. You can go for a shower the night before to save time too if it’s an early morning departure! Also make sure you have your transport sorted out or your taxi booked in advance rather than trying to sort it out on the day of – you never know how busy it might be. It might be a good idea to have everyone stay over in the same place the night before (if you have the room!) so everyone is together. Plus make sure you have the essentials in your hand luggage – passport, tickets, boarding passes, mobile phone/charger.

2. Zone out

A woman listening to music using headphones, she is swaying to the beat of the music

We all need to escape sometimes. Whether it’s a sibling being extra annoying, or a friend being just too loud at that time in the morning, we all have times where we need to get our heads out the situation. It can be difficult when you’re confined to a plane/car/boat where you can’t escape, but you can do it. Make sure you’ve got loads of good tunes on your phone/mp3 player to get you in better mood (and block out whatever is causing you stress); a book or magazine to keep yourself distracted; or a notebook/sketchbook to get creative or write your thoughts out.

3. Get your own space

Britney Spears lounging back on a sofa looking relaxed

Try and get separate rooms if you can. It means you can have you own space to relax and chill out by yourself if you need it, or to blow off some steam if someone has annoyed you (it happens!). If you can’t get that, make sure to familiarise yourself with the place your staying and see if there’s somewhere you can go to relax – it could be by the pool, in a games hall, or down by the beach. Just always make sure to tell someone where you are, have your phone on you, and ideally go with someone else.

4. Be patient

Actress Carly Chaikin taking a breath in and rolling her eyes.

Going on holiday can be stressful! You have to make sure you have everything you need, get to places on time, and it can be hard work figuring out a new language! Add on top of that, that some people might want to do different things, others get frustrated easier either from being tired, sunburnt or hunger (hanger is real you guys) and you’re all spending a lot more time together can mean that tempers flare and arguments happens. The key is just to try be patient with each other – after all, you’re all in the same boat! You can talk things out and take some time out if needed, but arguments don’t need to ruin your holiday. They happen all the time, just don’t let them get out of hand!

What's most important is that you look after yourself and those you're travelling with, and have fun! A holiday is a chance to unwind, try new things, and get some time away from home. So make sure you make the most of it!