Four Alternative Gift Giving Ideas for Christmas

Sometimes trying to find the perfect present can be tricky! Instead of giving your granddad socks for the ninth year in a row, why not try some of these alternative suggestions for gifts? We’ve rounded up some suggestions of our favourites!

Give Back With a Gift

Charity donation

Give someone the gift of a donation in their name. Many large charities offer virtual gifts where they use your donations to enact change locally and globally. Pick a charity that is meaningful to yourself or your friend or family member and they will truly appreciate it! They often come with cards you can give to your recipient, so they’ll still have something under the tree at Christmas!

Oxfam has a range of donation gifts where you can gift safe water, shelter and animals to those in need, as well as Save the Children who buy toys, medical supplies and educational help.Help contribute to support for those affected by cancer with gifts from Macmillan. Woodland Trust has a range of virtual gifts such as homes for wildlife and trees for bees.  

Gifts bought from a charity are another way to give back with a gift. Many well known charities such as Save the Children, Dogs Trust and Marie Curie have Christmas gift ranges. You can still buy your loved one a present they will love and know that the money will go to a good cause. You can choose a cause that is personal to you, or family and friends. Save the Children have a range of charity gifts, also the Dogs Trust.

Shop Ethically

Recycling logo on a grey t shirt

For the rest of your Christmas shopping, consider shopping mindfully and ethically. Using sites such as the Ethical Consumer website  and the app and website Good on You can help you scope out how ethical the brands and companies you are buying from are. Supporting local independent shops is always a good way to go, and you can often find truly unique and special gifts this way. Environmentally friendly or recycled gifts are a good way to incorporate ethical practices into your festive season, local charity shops can often be a great place to find presents or decorations.

Give an Experience

Tickets in a Gift Box

Approximately £42 million of unwanted Christmas presents are thrown out in landfill each year. Instead of buying someone a gift you aren’t sure they will like, why not get them an experience or activity you can do together? Sites such as Groupon and Wowcher often have reduced price gift vouchers for meals out and experiences. Concert tickets, workshops and classes also make good shared activities to do with friends and family.

Check out our 10% discount at Experience Days, Track Days, Fly Days, and Extreme Days for experiential gifts that are out of the ordinary!

Get Creative

Cookies tied up with a gift bow

You may associate homemade presents with gluing glitter onto macaroni when you were younger, but a homemade present can be a great way to show someone you care about them. Knitted goods are always popular. If you’re not so crafty, baking or making their favourite food or preserved goods such as jam always go down well. Other ideas could be a scrapbook of photos and moments together, a song or poem, or homemade bath products. Get creative, use your imagination and give a truly unique present! You might save some money, make a great gift and enjoy the process!

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