Five Things Your Veggie Friend Wants You to Know

There can be lots of different reasons why someone has decided to become vegetarian. Here's what they want you to know... 

1. “Why are you vegetarian?”

Not every vegetarian boycotts meat because they care about animals. Granted, many do believe it is wrong to kill animals for food. Some care about the environment and want to reduce their carbon emissions by not eating meat. Others think the way farm animals are kept is unkind.


Other reasons can include the fact they simply don't like meat or choose not to eat it for health reasons. Many also regard themselves pescetarian, which means they don't eat meat, but do enjoy fish and some seafood.

2. “How can you not eat meat?”

It might be the fact they have no choice! Many people consider being vegetarian purely because of health issues or the need for a diet with less meat to be healthy.

3. “Where are we supposed to eat when we go out?”

The world is your oyster (although you don’t have to eat them!) Most restaurants will have lots of veggie - and vegan - options for your friends.

4. “So, what do you eat other than vegetables?”

A veggie might be missing out on meat, but there’s plenty they can eat. Check out some yummy recipes from YouTube and our information on making sure you’re maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

5. “Can’t you just pick the ham out of the sandwich?”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. It’s important to respect your friends’ decision, just as they should about you eating meat. Think of how you might feel if someone kept asking you to eat a food that you don’t like to eat!

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