Five Things You Need to Know about Renting Your Own Place

Renting your own place is a bit of a learning curve and there might be some unexpected things that you haven't considered! Here are some main things to think about before renting your own place. 

1. Bills

There are a lot of outgoings involved in renting your own place, not just monthly rent! You might know all about the bills you are expected to pay when you rent your own place but here are some examples of common household bills.

  • Rent
  • Council Tax
  • Factoring fees
  • Electricity/Gas
  • Broadband
  • Entertainment 
2. Breakdowns and repairs

When you rent a flat occasionally things might break down and need repaired or replaced. In general, your landlord is responsible for major repairs. Your tenancy agreement should outline who is responsible for any repairs. There might be some general maintenance that you can carry out yourself like bleeding radiators. 

3. Dealing with pests

It is not uncommon to have to deal with different types of pests, especially if you are renting an older property. Be prepared to deal with this kind of thing as you’ll probably have to sort it out yourself! Unless the situation is quite bad or serious, then you might want to bring in the experts.

4. Contracts and the legal stuff

In December 2017 a new type of tenancy come into force called the Private Residential Tenancy. This is a legal agreement between you as the tenant and your landlord, so you should make sure you have one. You should also make sure that the letting agency or private landlord you’re dealing with are registered.

5. Decorating

When you rent in the private rented sector there often isn’t much scope for decorating and making the space your own. You shouldn’t go into a flat hoping to change everything about it as you probably won’t be able to. Check out our article for inspiration on how to decorate a property you don’t own.

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