Five Struggles Only a Redhead Would Understand

Being ginger is awesome, most of the time. Here are five struggles that only a redhead would understand.

1. The nicknames

Ginger-nut, carrot-top, copper-head. We could go on...

2. The sun is not a friend to our pale skin

SPF 50+ and a big hat is shoved on every time there's a hint of sunshine...

3. It's practically impossible to change your hair colour

(not that we don't totally love being ginger, but it's fun to have a change every so often!)

4. Showing any emotion and someone blaming it on being "a fiery redhead"

Our feelings don't come from our hair! 

5. The weird assumption from the non-gingers that you're not totally cool with being ginger

Nah, we really love it thanks! 

But we don't mind really, because we know that being ginger is in fact the best!