Five Reasons Why Working Abroad is Amazing

Working abroad can be an unforgettable experience that not only improves your CV but also gives you the chance to make lifelong friends and experience a countries culture on a much deeper level than being a tourist. Here we outline the five top reasons you should work abroad.

1. Language
Image of a frog dancing over the word 'Merci', French for thank you.

They say the best way to learn a language is to be around native speakers. By surrounding yourself with locals, both in your personal life and the work place, you’ll be able to pick up on the nuances of the language, the accent and master pronunciation much faster. 

2. Travel longer
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Working abroad can allow you to truly appreciate all a country has to offer. You’ll be spending much more time in a country than you would do as a tourist or backpacker and as a result you can start to live and breathe the culture, see more sights and get to know local people in a way you wouldn’t have the opportunity to, on a shorter trip.  

3. Gain skills
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The obvious one here is language, but there are so many other skills you gain from working abroad. Soft skills can be greatly improved by travelling, by soft skills we mean attributes that will help you get on well with others, these include communication, time management and problem solving. These soft skills won’t just be improved at your new place of work, but also in your day to day life as you navigate a new city, communicate in a new language and overcome the initial challenges of being in new country.  

4. Make new friends
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It can be pretty nerve-wracking making a move abroad to work, but you’ll be surprised just how quickly you will make new friends. There are so many ways to meet new friends, whether on Facebook groups for like-minded travellers, apps or of course at your chosen place of work. Working abroad will give you the time to make lasting friendships instead of brief encounters, with locals just as interested to find out about your culture as you are about theirs. 

5. Find out what you want from life
GIF of Ryan Gosling in the movie 'The Notebook', he is speaking to Rachel McAdams and is saying 'What do you want? What do you WANT!?'

Working abroad isn’t just for people who are pursuing a life-long career, there are loads of opportunities for you to experiment, find out what you really enjoy and try new experiences. Working abroad can reveal new passions and interests that you otherwise might have never discovered!

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