Five Rail Safety Tips Everyone Should Follow

Rail safety is so important! We share some tips from our friends at Network Rail so you can make sure you know your stuff about safety when travelling by train 🚆

Tip 1: Approaching Trains  

When using crossings, or standing on the platform, be alert. Trains can approach quickly and at any time. Some may be passing through a station at high speed so you should stand behind the yellow line where it's safe. 

Tip 2: Slow Down

Running to catch your train can sometimes be a priority, but rushing can endanger you and others. Try to make it to the station with plenty of time to avoid the last-minute dash through the crowds. 

Tip 3: Electricity

Train lines are powered by electricity and when lines are electrified, if you step on them you can seriously hurt yourself. You should always avoid stepping on tracks, unless you’re using an official pedestrian level crossing!  

Tip 4: Priorities 

If you drop something onto the track, you should never jump down or reach down to get it. You never know when a train could be passing by and your life is worth far more than any possession you might have lost! If you drop something, contact a member of staff at the station.  

Tip 5: Texting & Walking 

Lots of things demand our attention. There’s nothing wrong with checking your phone, listening to music, or chatting to your friends. However, doing these things at level crossings can be very dangerous. Make sure you take extra care when crossing.

For more information about rail safety, visit the Network Rail website.