Five Places You Might Not Know You Can't Smoke

Although the smoking ban has been in place in Scotland for a while now, you still might not be entirely sure where you're not allowed to smoke or vape.

1. Bus Shelters

If you're in a shelter that is more than 50% enclosed, where the smoke may be circulated round people who don't smoke, then you aren’t allowed to smoke there.

2. Tents and marquees

Tents and marquees are included in the no smoking law as premises, so you can get a £50 fine for smoking in them. 

3. Hospitals

Hospitals in Scotland are smoke free – this means that patients, visitors and staff have to leave the hospital grounds if they want to smoke.

4. Phonebox

The same with bus shelters, if the space is more than 50% enclosed, you can’t smoke in there.


5. A company car/van

Even if you're the only person who uses the company vehicle, you still can't smoke. This is because it might be used by somebody else in the future.

Remember: it's illegal to smoke in a car if it has a passenger who is under the age of 18 and you can get a £100 fine for doing so.  

6. Vaping

Whether or not you can smoke an e-cigarette in bars, restaurants and cafés, is at the discretion of the organisations – so always be sure to ask first. ScotRail trains, certain supermarkets and some pub/café chains like Wetherspoons won't let you use your e-cigarette or vape. However, there are new rules in Scotland that make it illegal for young people to buy tobacco and nicotine vapour products (NVPs) - aka e-cigarettes or vapes - and anyone buying NVPs for those underage will also be breaking the law

There are more and more places where you can no longer smoke - why not consider quitting, not only for your own health, but to save your friends and family from the impacts of passive smoking.


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