Five European Opportunities You Can Find on the European Youth Portal

What can the European Youth Portal lead you to? Here's all the exciting things you can get up to! 

1. Volunteering

The European Youth Portal has lots of volunteering links that can help you apply for volunteering opportunities all across Europe – plus lots of handy advice and help to support you through the process!

2. Working

Fancy getting a job somewhere new? Want to see what other opportunities are in your career abroad? Check out the European Youth Portal who can link you up with lots of schemes that are looking for talented people to join them where they are!

3. Learning

Want the chance to improve your knowledge all whilst getting the amazing experience of travelling, meeting new people and immersing yourself in a different culture? Check out all the fabulous opportunities to learn abroad with the European Youth Portal

4. Have Your Say

Interested in getting your views heard and making a difference to the world around you? There’s lots of opportunities to get involved in politics and decision making.

5. Arts and Culture

Got a creative streak and want the chance to get inspired or meet other artists making similar things? Or want to flex your writing skills? Get involved with all the amazing cultural happenings across Europe.

Want to find out all the things you can get involved with across Europe? Visit the European Youth Portal.


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