Five Digital Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are Young Scot's top five digital Halloween costumes and the easy way to make them!

1. Snapchat Ghost

Got an old white sheet? Simply draw the face of the Snapchat ghost on the sheet and you're good to go!

2. Your Facebook Profile

Get a piece of cardboard and write/glue whatever is on your Facebook onto it! Cut out a space for your 'profile picture' and put your face here, now you'll get all the likes!

3. Smart Phone

Find yourself a cardboard box, cut out holes for your arms, legs and head then paint on or cut out and stick a smart phone and app icons to the box and there you have it, smart phone costume!

4. YouTube Video

Similar to the Facebook profile costume, you could go as a YouTube video! Simply print a video screen from YouTube and cut out space for your head where the video would be, then you're ready to become an internet sensation!

5. Instagram selfie

You could go as selfie form! All you need to do is cut a square out in cardboard for you to put your face and write or paint all the Instagram features around the edges!

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