Five Creative Scots Helped by Funding

The Nurturing Talent Fund can make your creative dreams a reality. Take a look at what these young Scots have done with money from the fund and get inspired. 

1. Sula, Shetland

Sula was inspired to set up a dance group for younger pupils in Shetland. 

‘Having a regular rehearsal space and getting matching t-shirts was great for motivation – we feel like a proper dance group now!'

2. Rosalind, Aberdeenshire

Young theatre company RARA got to perform their drama production ‘Looks Like Rain’ at a festival 

‘Trying to find local theatre groups for young adults is very hard, so performing this play has given us experience we wouldn’t otherwise have had.’ 

3. Anna, Nicola and Caitlin, Paisley

The group set up an exhibition of photography exploring their community 

‘Because of this event we had the chance to learn how an exhibition works, and to develop the techniques we use.’ 

4. Finn, Perthshire

Finn got travel expenses to go to a specialist cello festival 

‘Opportunities like this are exactly what I need in order to develop and learn. It has given me real inspiration to keep working and practising hard.’ 

5. Bella and the Bear, Ayrshire

The song-writing duo made a short film to promote the launch of their EP 

 ‘The project has allowed us to push our creativity and build invaluable relationships with industry professionals in art, film and design.’ 

Want some financial help to reach your creative potential? Aged 14-20? Why not apply for the Time To Shine Nurturing Talent Fund!