Feeding Minds

It’s fun to play with food – even when you’re adulting your way through student life. So, don’t forget to check out our collection of activities and games about all things healthy and foody to keep your kitchen knowledge fresh.

Are eggs meant to be stored in the fridge or the cupboard? How about bread?

Where do you think meat is meant to sit in the fridge? On the top shelf or the bottom?

These are just some of the food questions we could all do to know.

Person taking quiz on tablet

Luckily, we’ve got stacks of healthy eating and food safety interactive activities and games – such as the Eatwell Guide and Allergen Action. These can help you learn more about these important and tasty topics.

Why not have a go at one of Food Standards Scotland's interactive games to test your knowledge on where food is meant to be stored? 

Head back to the Food Standards Scotland campaign page for more information on food safety, healthy eating tips and more.