Everything You Need to Know About Travel Visas

Fortunately for those budding travellers out there, British Passport holders can travel Visa free throughout most of the world, however you may have to apply for a visa to enter certain countries. But what exactly is a Visa and where can you get one?

What is a Visa?

A travel visa is a document that shows you have permission to enter a country for a certain length of time. The visa will usually have the dates you can enter the country, the duration you are allowed to stay and if you have the right to work.

Types of Visa

The type of visa you require depends on what you are travelling for. The most popular types are Student, Tourist, Work and Transit.

How do I apply?

Each country's application process is different; however, they will usually need up to date passport size photographs of you, a completed application and possibly your passport so they can fix the visa to it. You will sometimes be required to tell them where you will travel within the country, where you will stay and when you will leave. Visas are usually applied for via mail, in person at an embassy or online, however some Visas can be obtained on arrival.

Do I need a Visa?

Always check well in advance if you need a visa to allow time for it to be processed. If a visa is required on arrival and you fail to produce one you will not be allowed in the country and could be sent home.

Does it cost money?

Most visa applications will charge a fee but that depends on the country you are visiting.

What Now?

You can find out specific visa requirements on the Gov.UK website by selecting your destination country and then selecting entry requirements. You will then be directed to links to the countries embassy or e-visa websites where you can follow the instructions.


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