Eight Ways to Enjoy Summer

There are loads of ways to get outdoors and enjoy yourself this summer. Check out ReRoute's favourite things to do during the holidays. 

1. Dog Walking

Grab a group of your mates and have fun at the same time as well as getting your daily dose of exercise!

2. Grow Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own fruit and veg is fun and healthy! Plus you could use any food you grow and go for a picnic!

3. Relax and Destress

Going outdoors is a perfect way to relax, whether it's by the river, in the forest or your local park. Not only is getting outside a lot of fun it can also help to redcuce stress levels.

4. Enjoy the Sun

Scotland may not be known for its sun... however whenever it does come out there's nothing better than getting outside and enjoying the weather!

5. Have a Break From the Indoors

Being inside all day can make you feel isolated. Why not take time from whatever you are doing to go outside and have a 5 minute walk around the park?

6. Take Part in Fun Sports Activities

Why not take up a new sport that gets you outside, like climbing, cycling or running? Or maybe you can take up a sport which you used to do but don’t anymore!

7. Relive Childhood Memories at the Park

Why not release your inner child and visit your local play park or green gym? 

8. See Some Wildlife

Birdwatching may seem old fashioned, but it's great fun and good for your patience. Plus you can make it competitive too - why not go out with your friends and have a competition seeing who can find the most birds in 10 minutes?

For more ways to enjoy Scotland’s nature and outdoors check out ReRoute and find out how to make the most of your summer with #SummerReady