Eight Reasons to Study Abroad

Studying abroad with your school, college or university can open up a whole new world of experiences. Here are eight of our favourite reasons why you should take the step…

Learn a language fast

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is developing your language skills. Your host college or university should have classes for more formal learning, but immersing yourself in a new language every day means you will pick it up faster than ever before. If your friends are international students you might even learn some of their language

Explore the world

Image of someone holding a passport as the background changes to famous landmarks around the globe.

Take advantage of the chance to see the world while having the support of your school, college or university to help with funding, accommodation and any emergency situations.

Explore the natural wonders and beautiful cities of your host country during term time, and visit neighbouring countries at weekends and during holidays. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to explore an entire region of the world that you might not normally visit.

Immerse yourself in a new culture

For many of us, studying abroad might be the only chance we have to live abroad for an extended period of time. Relationships, jobs and life can get in the way and after leaving education it might not be so easy to up and move to a different country.

This is a chance to integrate into a new culture and live like a local. Discover new customs, try amazing foods, attend local social events and understand different world views.

Make friends

When we ask students what their favourite part of their study abroad experience was, almost all of them say the friends they have made.

It might be a cliché but living and studying together means you make friends quickly, and on study abroad programmes these friends are likely to have different, backgrounds, views and cultures. By the end you’ll have friends to go and visit all over the world!


Your host college or university and the course that you’re on are both key parts of your experience. This is a great way to experience your course subject from another perspective, try different learning styles and you might even be able to pick up classes that aren’t available at home

If you are looking to continue your studies, graduate courses look very positively upon study abroad experience.

Bag your dream job

It’s not just graduate programmes that look fondly on study abroad experience; our workplaces are becoming more and more international so the ability to work with other cultures is highly sought by employers, as are language skills.

If you love your host country enough to stay and work there, a local education will go far with employers.

Find a new hobby

Kris Jenner saying 'This could be your new... like... hobby.'

Look into the different activities that are popular in different countries. Studying abroad opens you up to so many new activities. You might discover a new sport, a new favourite band, or form of dance that you love! 

Become more confident and independent

Finally, we’re not going to tell you that you’ll ‘find yourself’ while living abroad, but you certainly could find more self-confidence and independence. Surviving in a country away from family and friends requires you to make decisions, organise and communicate.

Most students come back more confident and with a big love of adventure and travel.

For more information on studying abroad contact the international office at your school, college or university.

Check out the international experiences available through the British Council website.

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