Eating Local, Eating Seasonal

When it comes to taste, eating flavoursome in season food with the best crunch and colour is the way to go. Scotland produces a huge variety of foods throughout the year.

What if everyone in Scotland ate local and in season food?

How to buy local food?

Look out for products that are grown near you, and products labelled ‘Grown in Scotland’. A local farmers market is also a good way to find food that has been grown locally and can often be cheaper than the supermarkets.

How do I know what is in season?

Check out this handy guide that shows you what food is in season each month of the year. 

Why eat local and seasonal food?

  • Eating food that is fresh and in season usually tastes a lot better. Local food is picked in the last 24 hours, and seasonal food is picked at its peak taste. If your food has had to travel from abroad it won’t be as fresh and will often have been picked before it is ripe.
  • Fresh food is also healthier for you than processed food. Processed food is food that has been changed in some way from the original raw ingredient. Every time the raw materials are processed some of the nutrients are lost. Most food we eat is processed for example wholemeal bread is processed when the wheat is made into flour and then into bread. You want to avoid food that has sugar, fat or salt added to it. Fresh food is the best because it has more of the original nutrients.
  • Eating local and seasonal food is better for the environment. The less your food travels, the lower its carbon footprint. If you buy local food then it doesn’t have to travel as far from the field to your plate. If your food is flown in from abroad, its carbon footprint will be a lot bigger.