Drugs: The Myths

Think you know the truth about drugs?  There's plenty of myths out there so here's some real facts about drugs.

Myth: All young people in Scotland take drugs.

Fact: 95% of 13-year-olds and 81% of 15-year-olds in Scotland said they had never tried drugs - so it isn't as common as it might seem. 

Myth: Smoking cannabis is not harmful.

Fact: Regular heavy use can lead to development or worsening of mental health problems including paranoia. Smoked with tobacco, it increases health risks associated with tobacco use and can lead to nicotine addiction.

Myth: A police officer will only issue a warning if you are caught with a small amount of cannabis 

Fact: Cannabis is a Class B drug and anyone caught by the Police will be charged. Possession of cannabis can get you up to 5 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. Find out more about drugs and the law in Scotland. 

Myth: Everyone has tried NPS or so-called 'legal highs'

Fact: Less than 1% of 13-year-olds have ever used any form of NPS, and only 5% of 15-year-olds said they had ever used any NPS.

Myth: So-called 'legal highs' are okay because you can buy them from the shop

Fact: The law changed in 2016, and so-called 'legal highs' are now illegal. Possessing these substances with  the intent to supply (sell them to other people), offering to supply (like giving some to your mates) or importing legal highs (buying them from internet sites based abroad to be delivered here) can mean you can get up to 7 years in prison and/or a fine. 

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