Do I Need a TV Licence?

The way that we watch TV has changed a lot over the past few years. Find out whether you need a TV licence for whichever way you're tuning in to your fave shows.

You need a TV Licence if:

Ok, let's start with the obvious:

  • You have a TV which you use to watch television

And the not-so-obvious

  • You use your laptop, phone, tablet or games console to watch live TV using 4od,  ITV Player, SkyGo etc - this means you watch programmes on your laptop at the same time as they're being broadcast on the television channel

  • You watch live TV or catch-up TV to watch programmes after they've been shown on television on BBC iPlayer
  • You record live TV using a DVD player, a digital box such as Sky+ or TiVo, or any other device, at the same time as they're being shown on television - even if you don't actually watch your recording until later

Live TV means that the programme is being broadcast on television at the same time as you're watching or recording it.

You don't need a TV Licence if:

  • You only use your TV to watch DVDs and play computer games
  • You only watch catch-up TV using 4od, ITV Player and SkyGo etc to watch programmes after they've been shown on television
  • You only watch TV using online subscriptions such as Netflix and Amazon Prime

Get your TV licence now

You can buy your TV licence online. Remember, it's illegal to watch live tv on any device without a TV licence.

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