Digital Career Mythbusters

Thinking about a career in digital? Want to know a bit more about what the industry is like? We bust some of the myths you might have heard...

1. Myth: You need to know how to code

With certain careers coding is super helpful and in others it's required – but jobs within the digital industry are wide and varying. What is important is understanding what code does and knowing it’s purpose. So you don’t need to be an expert, but it could help.

Plus tech businesses don’t just need coders and developers, they also need Digital Marketers, Project Managers and Data Analysts. So if you’re studying or are interested in this kind of role you too can be a part of Scotland’s digital industry.

2. Myth: They don't pay well

Average earnings within the sector are £35,000 compared to a national average of £27,000 according to Digital World.  

According to a recent report acquiring digital skills pays off as digital jobs and activity are becoming more important even in apparently non-digital industries, with digital jobs on average in the UK making £15,000 more than non-digital jobs.

3. Myth: There's no jobs in Scotland

Scotland is a hugely popular place for digital businesses to be based - SkyScanner and FanDuel both started and have offices here. Rockstar Games and other global tech players like Microsoft and Amazon have major hubs here too.

Plus Dundee is seen as the birthplace of the Scottish games industry, with successful franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings starting life there.

Three-quarters of digital tech businesses operate outside of London, according to the report, and many of these are located in what are known as tech clusters.

4. Myth: The jobs won’t be around for long

According to Digital world, it’s predicted there will be 11,000 new jobs within the industry each year until 2020! So there are plenty of opportunities!

Also, the technology sector is growing so quickly that many employers can’t find enough applicants with the right skills for their roles. In a recent survey carried out by Tech Futures, 50% of tech companies in the UK reported finding difficulties in finding people with the right skills for their business.

5. Myth: Women aren't in the industry

It’s not just men who are in the industry. Women don’t yet make up an equal proportion, but as Kate Ho, games designer, developer, and managing director at Interface3 and Tigerface Games says, everyone uses technology nowadays and therefore everyone has an opinion and is qualified to work in tech.  

With 40% of employers reporting that they had lost business due to not being able to fill posts in the industry, it’s a great opportunity for more women to enter the industry and make it more equal.

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