Difference Between Primary and Secondary School

High school and primary school are pretty different - but don't worry, moving up to secondary school isn't as daunting as it might seem! We have a fun look at some of the key changes you'll notice.

1. Your favourite sport

Primary: A fun day means getting the parachute out in gym.

Secondary: A fun PE day is playing rounders (it sure beats cross country!)

2. Your learning buddies

Primary: Learning, living and laughing with the same 30 people in your class for seven years.

Secondary: Lots of classes, lots of rooms, lots of people!

3. Rainy playtime

Primary: The disappointment at being told it was a rainy playtime and you had to stay indoors.

Secondary: Wishing there was such a thing as 'rainy playtime' while searching for shelter outside.

4. Treats on the last day

Primary: No lessons, just a full day of games and toys.

Secondary: Hoping the teacher will bring in sweets to make your Maths class a little bit sweeter.

5. Lunchtime

Primary: Bringing in a packed lunch, in your funky new lunchbox.

Secondary: Getting to explore the local shops, cafes and of course, the van.

6. Workload

Primary: Homework was mainly spelling and times tables.

Secondary: Essays and projects for each of your classes – and having to organise them all! Although you do get a new homework diary...

7. Seeing your friends

Primary: Spending mostly all day, every day with your bestie because you were always in the same class.

Secondary: Getting to make different friends in different classes – but all getting to meet up at lunch!

8. Talking to your teacher

Primary: Calling your teachers by their full titles, and always wondering about their mysterious first name.

Secondary: All your teachers just go Miss or Sir – but never mum or dad (try not to make that mistake!)

There are a lot of differences between primary school and secondary school, and it might seem a little bit scary at first. But actually, secondary school is a really exciting place with lots of new opportunities and new people, which all helps you to develop as a person and become more independent.

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