Day Eight: The Brain’s Amazing Drugs Cabinet Top Tips

Thanks for joining the Cyrenians’ Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution for its whirlwind tour through the wonderful world of your internal emotional self - and the curious #CranialCocktail of chemistry inside our brains.

By now we hope you have a better understanding of how the chemistry in your brain changes how you feel, act and react - but what can you do to make yourself feel healthier and happier?

Rather than always having to deal with negative emotions and the negative emotions of those around us, what could we do differently that would make The Brain’s Amazing Drugs Cabinet work better for us in the longer term?

Image of lots of different people with the words Cranial Cocktail written across them
  • Try to be aware of how the chemicals in your brain are making you feel. Now that you know you’re a mix of internal drugs, recognising the effects of your brain’s drugs can help you stay balanced and in control. 
  • Look at making changes about when you make time to relax and what you do to relax. Making best use of the good drugs in your Brain’s Amazing Drugs Cabinet, for example putting in place some of the #TopTips from the past few days, will make you feel more chilled, happier and healthier. Leaning how to access the right drug for the right situation can help you manage your emotional states better.
  • Got things that are bothering you? Maybe try and get them sorted. How about talking things through with your mum or dad, a friend, a favourite teacher or a family friend? They may be able to help!
  • The SCCR website is packed with useful resources to help you. Check out the SCCR resources and if you still feel you need some support please get in touch. Find more hints and tips about your different emotional states and the Brain’s Amazing Drugs Cabinet.
Picture of all the different SCCR resources you can get - including information on phones, iMac's, posters, playing cards etc.

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