Cheating In Relationships

Being cheated on in a relationship can be hard to get over.


It goes without saying that cheating on your partner can ruin your relationship.


What counts as cheating?

A good way to judge is to think how you might feel if the situation was reversed.

It doesn't have to be physical. Flirting face-to-face or over the phone, exchanging sexts, messages or emails can cause just as much trouble and heartache.

You should also know that if you start flirting with someone else, it might change how you feel about your real partner.

Is there ever an excuse for cheating?

Not really. Cheating on a partner is a betrayal of trust and ends many relationships.

Some people use being drunk as an excuse, but if you feel strongly enough about someone to call them your boyfriend or girlfriend, drinking alcohol shouldn't change anything.

When a partner cheats, it's usually a sign that something fairly major is wrong with a relationship.

What if I think my partner is cheating?

Do you have solid evidence, or are you feeling insecure for other reasons? 

The best way to put your mind at rest is to ask them about it.

Be careful how you do it though - they might be offended that you think they'd cheat on you.

Instead of saying "are you cheating with so-and-so?" you could try saying, "I'm sure it's not true but did you know there's a rumour going around (etc)."

What if I 'accidentally' cheated?

We all make mistakes, but how much of an accident was it really?

Whether or not your partner finds out, you need to take some serious time to figure out why you did what you did.

If your feelings about your partner have changed, you owe it to them and to yourself to talk to them about how you feel.

I think our relationship is over - is it still cheating if I start with someone else?


A relationship is only properly over if the other person knows that's how you feel. The only way they can know that is if you tell them.

Being dumped hurts, but being cheated on hurts a whole load more.

So, don't be a coward - end one relationship before starting another.

Even doing it by text or email is better than letting them hear from someone else you've found someone new.

Plus, your new squeeze probably won't be impressed if they find out you've been two-timing. Most likely, they'll always wonder if you're doing it to them.