How My Apprenticeship Helped Me

Don't take our word for why an apprenticeship can be a great route into the world of work. Hear directly from other young people who have benefitted from one.

We asked you to share with us the ways that an apprenticeship has helped you, here's what you said.

Earned money

I honestly think it's such a valuable option to learn real world skills and make a decent salary at a very young age (and potentially earn a degree while doing so). There's still a bit of hesitancy and / or stigma about apprenticeships, and this is completely unearned, they are genuinely a fantastic option.
It has helped me gain confidence in myself. It has helped me by allowing me to learn as well as making an income.
Was good money and got qualifications too for my CV.
Money and learning.

Personal growth

It has helped me have more confidence in my skills again.
I feel like I have learned new skills and my confidence has grown.
It has given me confidence.
Made me more focused and happy as I learn and earn at same time.

Developed skills

It has provided me with hands on experience and pushed my skills.

Helped develop skills relevant to my organisation, helped improve my productivity and also helped improve the quality of my product or service.

It has helped me gain skills that I thought I would never get.
Grow in confidence. Learn useful skills.

Learning and getting a qualification

I didn’t do great at school due to difficult circumstances at home. I was then homeless at 16 and realised I couldn’t afford to go to college even if I had good grades so I instead got a business admin apprenticeship and got my SQV level 3 in business while earning a wage and management to get myself in to better circumstances. Once I completed my apprenticeship I applied to college and I’m now on my last year of my honours degree in business. I really appreciate the alternative route that apprenticeships provides.
Hands on learning that schools wouldn’t usually provide. Easier and more interactive way to learn.
Help me learn quite a few new skills or things that I need to be doing in a working environment.

Helped get a job

Given me chance to learn and experience an industry it would otherwise be hard to get into.

I think it has helped gain confidence on being able to get a job.

It has given me an edge when applying to other roles.
It's helped me gain experience and make me look more employable when applying for a job.

Gained experience

Given me experience and made my CV better with more experience in the field
It has helped me learn more about a career that I am interested in.

Helped gain insight of how the industry works.

It helps to learn about different jobs.
Really helpful experience and good for CV.

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