Benefits Of Drinking Less

What are the benefits to drinking less alcohol? We list the reasons why it can make you feel better to cut down on the booze

Pictures of different icons representing all the benefits of drinking less. Includes a clock, a sleeping person, some money, some boxing gloves and a heart.

You get more time

Mornings and afternoons wasted to hangovers can be salvaged, and you have more time to do the things you want – maybe you could go for a run, try a new hobby or read the books you’ve been meaning to get to!

Better sleep

Alcohol doesn’t make you sleep better – it actually disrupts your sleeping pattern and you get a worse quality sleep. Cutting down can mean you get a better nights’ sleep and you’ll feel a lot better in the morning.

More money

Nights out can cost a bunch – see how much you could be spending hitting up the night clubs. Instead, this could be spent on things you want... those new trainers you’ve had your eye on, a meal with your mates, or tickets for a gig.

Feeling better

Alcohol can affect your immune system, so by drinking less your body will be better at fighting off diseases. So you’ll end up feeling much better and ready to take on the day.

Healthier body

By drinking less you look after your liver, and reduce your risk of diabetes and heart problems. So by cutting back on the alcohol you are making sure you have better health in the future. 

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