Being Mindful of Others This Festive Season

The festive season is a time to spoil the people you love, and be spoiled yourself! But it’s important to be aware that not everyone is lucky as you are…

Social media can be a great place to talk, keep up to date on the latest gossip or find the funniest memes. But places like Facebook and Instagram can often just be a highlight reel of the best moments of people's lives – most selfies have a couple of filters, the perfect food shot takes a number of attempts (and just the right lighting…) – online, life always seems absolutely amazing and fun!

We usually don’t see the rubbish stuff, like having to take the bins out in the rain in your pyjamas, or when you just have one of those no-good days where you wanna just stay curled up in bed, or stressing cause you’ve got loads of homework left to do on a Sunday night (argh!)

With that in mind, Christmas can be some of the worst times for social media gloating. When it comes to the big day after Santa has been our feeds become filled with handbags here and the latest trainers there…

It can be super tempting to post a picture with all the swag you’ve got, or show off the designer perfume you received, but why not try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. If your family doesn’t have as much, or if you’re struggling a bit financially this year, seeing all these gloating posts can make you feel a bit rubbish. You might ask yourself why you can’t get this nice stuff. You might feel that the people in your life think you don’t deserve as many presents. Or it might just rub it in that you can’t afford that stuff.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t thankful for all your presents! Sending a message to your relatives thanking them with a photograph isn’t a bad thing at all (and we would totally encourage you to send a nice message!). But you can do that in private rather than showing off all over social media. PLUS! It's safer for you too - potential thieves don’t know all the expensive stuff that’s lying around your house.  

It’s nice to keep some things off social media, so be sure to be mindful of what you post this festive season.