Behind the Scenes at a Fashion Photoshoot


Love Your Clothes gave one lucky Young Scot Rewards winner the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at a high fashion photo-shoot. 

Molly Westbrook, 14, from the Highlands got to see first-hand how the Love Your Clothes campaign shoot was put together after entering the exciting Rewards competition. With £140 million worth of clothes ending up in landfill each year (just in Scotland), she was chosen by Zero Waste Scotland for her views that the fashion industry must also play its part in helping the environment for future generations. 

Working alongside the team at an award winning fashion PR and events agency, plus innovative designers who cleverly upcycled last season’s must-haves, transforming them into tailored high fashion garments, perfectly in place in this year’s style trends.  

From hair and make-up preparation, to styling and set design, Molly was able to observe a model and fashion photographer at work and was able to walk away with an invaluable insight into the fast-paced fashion industry. Here is what she said about her experience:

How do you feel about winning this experience with Rewards? 

"I think it’s amazing. It’s one of the coolest things I have ever done. I saw it and thought that’s something I would really like to do." 

What did you hope to get out of the experience today? 

"I wanted to get more information about the fashion world and this is a good thing to do to know more about it." 

What activities did you get to do today? 

"I got my makeup done, I got to look at what they do with the clothes and I got to watch them set up and take all the photos. I got to meet the models and they told me how they got into modelling." 

Did you learn a lot from this experience? 

"I learned a lot from this experience, like what goes on behind the scenes and what type of lighting you need to get to get the right photo. I learned that there was a lot of waiting around while things get ready. That was a surprise. It’s not as glamorous as you think it is!" 

What was the best moment of the day? 

"Watching all the photos being taken and seeing all the photos after as they look so different to when you watch it. It was really cool. I got to see how the model posed and placed her hands and stuff." 

£140 million worth of clothes end up in landfill each year in Scotland. What can we do about this and how do you think we can make the fashion industry more sustainable? 

"Reuse all your clothes! Some people stop using their clothes because they are out of fashion but you can easily adapt them so you can keep wearing them. You can put it with something else to make it in fashion, or put jewels on it to update it. I change all the little buttons and stuff. You don’t have to throw away clothes because they have gone out of fashion." 

What kind of clothes do you like to wear? 

"I love dresses and I have some vintage stuff but I am not one of those girls who follows all the styles. I just wear what I want really."