Living Life Online: Tips to Help You Manage Your Time on Social Media

Wiktoria shares the importance of managing your screen time using Mind Yer Time.

Mind Yer Time is a website that was created by both the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) and the Children’s Parliament (CP) to help children and young people manage their social media and screen time. This project began when SYP and CP got together groups of children and young people to think about how best to help young people in the rise of digital usage and media. From there the Screensavers were born! These Screensavers met to discuss ways to help other children and young people with ideas for toolkits, mental health guidance, and tips and tricks to manage their relationship to social media. This is what has become Mind Yer Time: a platform where anyone can come to learn about ways to have a healthier approach to their mental health and social media through quizzes, blogs from young people and social media influencers, and guides on how to take breaks and look after yourself.

Mind Yer Time

So, why do I think you should try it out for yourself?

Besides being a useful tool for any young person, the website explores many different themes relevant to you and other young people, with topics like: body positivity, mental and physical health, sleep, and even bullying.

As a young person and someone who represents a wide range of young people from different ages and backgrounds, I know that social media affects young people in many different ways. I personally found it really useful to read about body positivity, use some of the tips in my own life, and follow people who promote that online; I also suffer from body positivity issues from things I’ve seen online and on social media, and it affects my mental health on a daily basis.


Social media can be a really positive place, but it doesn’t take away from the fatigue, and the never-ending negativity that also comes from it. I know young people who have had to deal with cyberbullying and hate comments under their posts. Many of these people get bullied for reasons like being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, because they have a different skin colour, or simply for being different. These issues can be difficult and make you feel very lonely

That is what makes Mind Yer Time such an amazing website. It tackles these difficult issues, showing you many different things you can do to handle these issues you may be facing, as well as providing you with a youth-friendly aspect to it that doesn’t sound like you are being talked down to! You may be sitting here still thinking to yourself “I still don’t think I need it, it’s just like all the other apps and websites, and I don’t need their help”, but trust me when I say this is a resource everyone needs from time to time.

Mind Yer Time

One of the things I have found helpful is the tips given by other young people and influencers. Some things I would say are my own personal top tips:

  • Whenever you feel too stressed out and screens are just feeling like a little too much then I recommend that you leave the house if possible and take just a simple five-minute walk without looking at your phone. It’s a great way to refresh your brain, notice the little things about your surroundings, and perhaps get inspired or refreshed to keep going.
  • Give the theme “Sleep” a read on the Mind Yer Time website if you are struggling with that. As someone who has once been addicted to social media to the point I’d get barely get any sleep, I needed a wake-up call or some kind of help. I personally started listening to calming videos before I sleep and reading a physical book instead of looking at my screen.
  • Feeling overwhelmed from social media and the constant notifications popping up on your phone? Take a note of your username and passwords for your accounts and delete the apps for a few hours. My work is around social media quite a lot and checking it once in a while, so it can be a lot more draining than it seems to people. Taking a breather from it all and doing something else is definitely helpful.
  • Are you worrying about something and need some reassurance, or to just learn more about social media? Check out Mind Yer Time’s 'I’m worried about' side of the website. It lists different topics as well as influencers, which I also personally follow. It’s always good to have these on hand to read and explore.

Mind Yer Time is truly a helpful website to use, even if you simply just want to learn more. And if you feel alone in your situation, I would also like to recommend reading personal stories of young people on the website. I found it somewhat comforting to not be alone in the feelings I feel and the issues I am going through. I know my 14-year-old self would have hugely benefited from Mind Yer Time if it was a thing back then!

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