Attending A Wedding For The First Time

First time at a wedding? We have tips on what to do, what not to do, and how to enjoy yourself!

Eat up!

Mako stuffing Ryuko's mouth with potato croquettes. From the anime Kill La Kill.

If you're attending the ceremony it can be hours until you get something to eat. You might also be handed some drink as you leave – and having alcohol on an empty stomach is really bad for you. So make sure you have a hearty breakfast (and it might be worth sneaking some snacks in your purse or your sporran too!)

Don’t get drunk

A cartoon bottle of beer being uneasy on their feet and stumbling

For the over 18's, it's nice to have a couple of drinks to toast the newly weds. But most likely you've put a lot of effort into getting all dolled up - so you should want to stay looking good. Spilling booze down your clothes, or even worse, being ill, would be a total waste of a outfit. You also don’t want to take away any attention from the happy couple by being the person everyone talks about for being too drunk. Pace yourself, drink water in between drinks, and remember: you are not a better dancer after you've had alcohol. 

Pack the flats!

Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco walking confidently in heels.

Heels might make you look great, but they can begin to hurt your feet. Don’t forget to bring some flat and comfy shoes so you can dance the night away rather than sitting down crying over your sore feet.

Bring tissues

Actress Kristen Bell being overwhelmed with happiness and starting to cry whilst covering her mouth

Maybe you've diagnosed yourself as physically incapable of crying, maybe you end up in floods of tears at John Lewis Christmas ads. Either way – bring tissues! Seeing two people join together for the rest of their lives can be a lovely thing to watch, and certainly a bit emotional. Plus you might cry from laughter from the best man’s speech, so it’s always good to be prepared.

Don’t be afraid to go alone!

All of the Bridesmaids from the film Bridesmaids dancing along to the music

The movies might have made it look like going it alone to a wedding is something to avoid – but you can have great fun at a wedding by yourself! You won’t be the only single person in the room, and there will be plenty of opportunities to talk to lots of new people (including strangers that are apparently your relatives...)

Quick top tips!

  • Switch off your phone!
  • Don’t wear white
  • Don’t expect much time with the bride and groom