Athletes Speak Out Against Doping

You might have been hearing a lot about steroids use in the news recently, and how it affects sports people. The controversy has led lots of athletes to speak out against steroids, here's what they had to say.

1. "It ruins the sport for everybody" - Dame Kelly Holmes
2. "The personality of a cheater" - Ross Murdoch
3. "They want to know that the playing field was level" - Sir Chris Hoy
4. "There is no place for it in the game" - Matt Scott
5. "I train really hard and work really hard to be the best" - Eilidh Child

Remember, using steroids is not not only against the rules of your sport and unfair to the other athletes you're competing against - it can also be extremely harmful to your body.

If you feel you're falling behind at your sport there are loads of other ways you can up your game, instead of turning to steroids. Speak to your coach or teammates if you need a helping hand and make sure to get in lots of practice, with a good rest in between.

If you're feeling pressured to take steroids, find out how to say no.


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