Apps That Can Help You Limit Your Screen Time

It’s good to get away from a screen every once in a while. But our phones can be essential and we might not want to lock them away completely! So here’s some apps that will help you reduce how much time you spend on your phone looking at Netflix/Snapchat/TikTok whilst making sure that you can still call or text people if you need to!


Animation of a tree growing from a seed

This app plants a little tree on your homescreen. The more time you spend away from your phone, the taller it grows. And the more days you do it, the bigger your whole forest of trees becomes!

Plus the less time you spend on the phone, the more it helps the planet! Forest partners with Trees for the Future to plant actual real trees on the earth.

Available for Android, iPhone and as a Chrome extension


A pug shaking it's head "no"

Can’t trust yourself to not click on your app, or even shudders use the mobile site? Block it from your phone with this app. Any time you try to open the app or type in for example, a pop up comes up telling you the site is blocked. That pop up may contain puppies, just sayin'.

Available for Android and as a Chrome extension


Gabrielle Union saying "Bring it"

This app is all about finding your phone/life balance. Sounds good to us!

You can set yourself goals, get achievements for time spent away from your phone and even compare how you're doing against your mates (good for those of us that are a bit competitive!)

Available for Android, iPhone and as a Chrome extension

Screen Time

Tina Fey saying "Get off the internet. It's time to go to bed"

Got an iPhone or an iPad? If you have iOS12 or above then you'll have a feature on your device called Screen Time. It's in your Settings and lets you look at how much time you are spending on your phone and on certain apps.

You'll also have the Downtime feature, which means you can only open certain apps and get phone calls on specific days and times - great if you're trying to get into a better habit before bedtime! Find out other ways to get a good sleep

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