Application Form Tips

When it comes to submitting an application we know it can be stressful. Follow our tips and make sure your application shines!

In order to get the job you want, or secure your place on your preferred course via the UCAS application form, it is really important that you make the application form the very best it can possibly be. Wherever possible, highlight your responsibilities, strengths, skills and achievements. The My World of Work Strengths Tool can really help with this.

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Sometimes there are general sections on an application form, such as space for a personal statement when applying to college or university, or a on a job application form asking for 'Other Information'. This kind of selection gives you an extra chance to sell yourself. Don’t fall into the cliché trap! You need to try making your application stand out from the crowd - so don’t say what everyone else will say – write about what makes you stand out. One way to do this is to mention any awards you've achieved or extracurricular activities you take part in such as volunteering.

A few things you should try to avoid at all costs

  1. Don't miss out any questions. Some may not be relevant, but you should at least add 'not applicable'.
  2. Don't lie. Don’t include anything you can't back up at an interview. It may help you get an interview, but if caught you will look dishonest.

Top 5 tips before you submit! 

  1. Read the questions on the application form thoroughly so you don’t miss anything. John 23, Manager at Barrhead Travel says: 'Filling in an application form can be stressful. You often miss key information when you are nervous, so it is really important to read the application form thoroughly before you start and then again prior to submission.'
  2. Don’t jump right in. Even if you’re close to the deadline make sure you take the time to have a practice run. It is better to catch your mistakes on a spare copy than rush in and make some silly errors you will later regret. Most applications are now done online. So why not write your answers in a Word document and then once you are happy you can copy and paste the answer into the online application form?
  3. Ask for a second opinion. This can be from a trusted friend or family member, school teacher or college lecturer. It is always good for peace of mind.
  4. Proof read. Read over your answers before sending it off, carefully checking for grammatical and spelling errors. When you’re rushing to meet a deadline or you have to complete a large form errors can often creep in that you may not notice right away. Take a break away from the desk and catch up on the soaps. That way you can return to your application with a fresh pair of eyes.
  5. Keep a copy of your completed form so you can refer to what you've written in an interview.

Once you have submitted your application try and take your mind off it for a while! Check out Young Scot Rewards for some great activities you could do or treat yourself to something nice using your Young Scot Card for some amazing discounts.

Good luck!

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