All Schools, Colleges & Universities in Scotland to Provide Free Period Products

Access to free products will be in place in educational establishments from the beginning of the academic term, underpinned by a set of guiding principles developed by the Scottish Government in partnership with COSLA, Colleges Scotland, Universities Scotland and the National Union of Students.

These guiding principles set out some key things to think about in delivering this but each school, college or university has developed its own system, in consultation with students, so look out for specific information.

Products will be available to everyone in their place of learning, ensuring that anyone who menstruates can access products, including transgender men and non-binary individuals.

A range of different products of will be available to ensure that everyone has a choice of what to use and you'll be able to change more regularly, avoiding any kind of stigma or possible anxiety.

Students will have access to products all year-round, whether it is term-time or during the holidays.

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