Alcohol: The Myths

Find out what's a myth and what's a fact when it comes to booze...

Myth: men and women can drink the same amount. Fact: even when men and women of the same weight drink the same amount of alcohol the woman will have a higher level of alcohol in her blood. Myth: a little bit of drink is okay. Fact: with your body still developing, it's important to keep it in good health. If you drink alcohol you can impact your liver and your brain. Myth: alcohol warms you up when you're cold. Fact: alcohol might make you feel warmer but it's actually lowering your body temperature, so wrap up! Myth: drinking alcohol makes you happy. Fact: alcohol is actually is a depressant, and since it lowers your inhibitions you'll be in less control of your emotions or actions. Myth: having a large meal helps. Fact: the damage to your body will still be same - however the food will delay the effects of alcohol. Myth: coffee will sober me up. Fact: coffee actually makes you more dehydrated - the only way to sober up is time.

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