Active Games to Get You out and About

Gaming doesn’t need to be all about staring at a screen in a room by yourself – there’s loads of new exciting games that can get you active and out socialising too! Here’s some games and consoles that add real world fun into their design.

Pokémon Go

Person using Augmented Reality to capture a Pokemon on their phone

Want to catch 'em all? Then Pokémon Go is for you!

Catch Pokémon in the real world using augmented reality – which uses your phones camera to project Pokémon into the street in front of you. Certain areas have particular kinds of Pokémon, so it’s well worth having a walk around to get as many different types as you can!

Fancy being a bit more socialable? You can join in with Raids. This is a chance to work with a lot of players, all in the same place, to try and capture rare Pokémon and get lots of goodies to help you catch even more! It can be a great way to meet new people who also love playing Pokémon Go!

Available for iOS and Android.

Zombies, run!

Person running across an American football pitch, chased by a Zombie. The words "Rule 1: cardio" appear as text.

Are you finding it hard to get the motivation to go out and exercise? What if zombies were chasing you?

Zombies, run! works as part of your workout to motivate you to keep going - or face being eaten by the undead.

You take on the role as Survivor 5, who is trying to get away from the horde of zombies that’s taken over your city. You can also run towards supplies to help you survive or find other survivors, all whilst listening to your own music – the app cuts in with important plot points. Or you can switch it off and hear just how close they are…

Available for iOS and Android.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

CCTV footage of a girl with a wand making a magical being disappear.

Fancy helping the Wizarding World protect Muggles from finding out about magic? Then join Harry Potter Wizards Unite!

Similar to Pokémon Go, this game uses augmented reality to project magical beings into the Muggle world around you. It’s up to you to hide these magical objects from non-wizard eyes. Search your local area and further afield to make sure there’s none you’ve missed!

Working as part of a team will help you even more in your mission. Plus you can also join in with Wizard activities at Fortresses to help out other players tackle more powerful creatures!

Available for iOS and Android.


A person scanning their phone over a blank wall to reveal a red heart on their screen

Add secret messages across your city or town with Wallame!

Wallame lets you snap a picture of a place where you are, add text or a picture to it, and let people find it when they go to the same place and open the app. You can also make private ones that only a select few people can see if you don’t want everyone who has the app to view it.

It can be a fun way to do a treasure hunt with friends by leaving virtual clues, or to go explore new parts of town you’ve not seen before through suggestions from your mates. 

Available for iOS and Android.

Nintendo Switch

Two people playing Nintendo Switch in the back of the car. They're playing a racing game.

Fancy playing any place you want? A Nintendo Switch might be a good idea!

The console is completely portable, which means you can get gaming in the park, on the train or in the middle of nowhere.

Get your mates involved with the two controllers and a bunch of fun games. Mario Kart is mega fun (and competitive) to play with your friends. Or why not play Overcooked! 2, a two-four player game that gets you working together to chop, fry and place ingredients onto plates for hungry customers  - trust us, it’s a laugh!


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