The National Youth Arts Advisory Group is a youth led project run by the Scottish Government, Creative Scotland and Young Scot. This article has been written by NYAAG to tell you all about who they are and what they do.

Who are NYAAG?

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The group was created in 2017 and has roughly 25 young people between the ages of 15 and 24. They come from all across Scotland with a wide range of backgrounds, and have varying interests in the arts, youth culture and youth engagement.

What does NYAAG do?

The project is part of Time to Shine (TTS) which is Scotland’s national youth arts strategy. First published in 2013, it set out a 10-year vision to enable children and young people to flourish and achieve in and through the arts and creativity. It covers all 0 to 25 year olds, and focuses on the recommendations of enabling participation, progression and provision. NYAAG added a fourth one; perception. Over the last year, our task has been to start to shape their vision, guidance, and the above recommendations for the future of youth arts.  

Every few months the NYAAGs meet for a weekend residential to work on different projects like the Nurturing Talent fund and our working groups which are the above recommendations.  

What are their goals?

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We want organisations and young people alike to begin to address what we have highlighted in the Culture and Connection report.

We understand the limits of our ability to do this ourselves, which is why it is so important that other organisations and institutions continue to engage with children, young people and each other to help make our ideas reality. 

Also as a group, we want the opportunity to tackle the barriers that children and young people face when engaging with the arts. We will achieve this through further research, focusing on some of the key issues facing children and young people today that we have already identified. We want to collaborate with the Scottish Government and other public organisations to establish how best to achieve this.

The group also hopes to play a role in the delivery of the Culture Strategy. In order to create a future where children and young people are free to engage in art and culture, connection is vital. We look forward to a creative future shaped by Scotland’s children and young people. 

NYAAG achievements so far

In our Culture and Connection report on page 17 you will see everything NYAAG has achieved up until 2018. Since then NYAAG released the Culture and Connection Report in January 2019.

In April 2019, two members went to RawFest which is a youth arts festival for Wales and is run by young people. It was held in Cardiff. In June 2019, two members went on a culture exchange to Zambia and did various art and culture related activities with the locals and met Zambia’s Culture Minister. Since then we have recruited new members and had a few residentials.  


UNCON is part of the Time to Shine Strategy. It is called UNCON as it is meant to be unconventional and not formal. It is a youth led and youth based event including live music, theatre, dance, film, literature, poetry, visual art, workshops, talks and performances. The first one was in October 2016 in Glasgow. Then UNCON 2.0 was held in September at Perth concert hall and theatre. NYAAG is currently working on making UNCON 3.0 happen. 

Future NYAAG events and projects

NYAAG member standing around a table in a discussion
  • UNCON 3.0 
  • To continue and further expand the Nurturing Talent Fund  
  • Edinburgh International Culture Summit  
  • #CovidArts - NYAAG want to see the art you make, show them on Instagram or Twitter

Where can I find NYAAG?

You can get in touch with NYAAG via email: nyaagscotland@gmail.com.

They're also on Twitter (@nyaagscot) and Instagram (@nyaagscot).

Head back to the NYAAG landing page for more information about the group and other arts-related articles.