A-Z of UCAS Advice

Stressing over your UCAS application? Feeling like you'll never finish filling in your form? Fear not, our handy A – Z is here to help! 

Avoid clichés when writing your personal statement.  

Breaks are key,  take some time out watch a bit of telly, catch up with friend or get involved with some of our Young Scot Rewards activities.

Check your spelling and grammar. 

Don’t let the UCAS form take over your life, or your mind. Do some relaxation exercises to try and take your mind off of things. 

Errors are made when you're stressed. If you're feeling particularly worried or anxious know where your can get help and support for your mental wellbeing.

Find out what uni is really like.  Head along to a Higher Education Convention, or book a visit with the universities you're thinking of attending to get a feel for the place.

Get some opinions. Talking highly about ourselves isn't something that comes easy to most people, so have a chat with your friends, relatives or teachers about what makes you so great. 

Help is at hand, don’t be scared to ask for it. You could also ask a teacher, friend, parent or carer to look over your application form. A second opinion can be really helpful.

iPhones off.  Mobiles can be such a distraction. Best to keep them in another room. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all so tempting but it can make filling in your form seem like a nightmare.  

January 15th 2020. Ok, so you probably have this date circled on your calendar and an alarm set on your phone but we wanted to be sure.  This is the deadline for most UCAS courses.

Know your strengths; knowing what you’re good at can be really useful when writing your personal statement. Take the My Strengths test from My World of Work and earn 150 Young Scot Rewards points. 

Lying on your UCAS form could cause problems.  You may be questioned on it at a later date and this could catch you out.  Best to be as honest as possible.    

My World of Work and UCAS have loads of helpful info for filling out your application, and planning your future. 

Not sure what university to choose, or which course to pick?  Don’t worry, loads of people feel the same.  Do your research and make sure you pick a course that’s right for you.

Onesies are perfect for wrapping up in when you have a long night of writing your personal statement ahead of you. 

Parents and carers may need some help understanding the UCAS process. Why not share this parents' UCAS advice with them. 

Question if university is the best fit for you. Before you take the time to fill in your application form, make sure you explore all of the options available to you, including college, work and modern apprenticeships. Don't feel pressured to go to university by your friends, family or teachers. 

Read the questions thoroughly, to make sure you're answering the question which has been asked and you're not going off on a tangent.

Sugar cravings are no good for concentration.  Fruits such as bananas are great to curb those sugar cravings while you focus on your application form, and they give you a big burst of energy too. 

Try not to leave it all to the week before. Make life a bit easier on yourself and give yourself a bit of time to make any last minute changes. 

Untidy rooms make for untidy minds.  Make your working space as relaxing as possible and this will help you when filling out your form. 

Vikki Gemmell, Careers adviser for Skills Development Scotland shares her expertise

WWW.young.scot. We have loads of advice about your education, your career and planning your future. 

Xtra curriculars.  If you're part of a pupil council or you volunteer in your spare time then this can set you apart from other applicants.  

Young Scot card at hand? Great, why not reward yourself with a shopping spree, dinner or cinema trip using your Young Scot discount, once you've hit send.

ZZZ! You did it, now make sure to recuperate with plenty of sleep.

Remember, your UCAS application is your time to say how great you are so don't be afraid to go for it!