A-Z Interview Tips

Here's our A-Z to help you land that dream job! 

A – Arrive on time. Lateness = Bad first impression.  #FACT

B – Breakfast is important on interview day.  It provides you with the necessary fuel to help keep you going.  Don’t let tiredness ruin all your preparation. 

C – Calmness is key.

D – Don’t ramble during an interview.  Keep your answers short, focused and to the point.

E – Energy Energy Energy. Yawning is never a good look!

F – Feeling nervous? – Check out My World of Work's top interview tips.

G – Get enough sleep the night before or you'll feel rotten come interview time.

H - Handshake your way to a good first impression. 

I – Interested in what others have to say? Check out this great video!  

J – Just a little unsure about what to wear – here are some tips on My World of Work from Topshop's Laura McDade.

K – Knowing your strengths can really help you ace that interview. 

L – Lying is never a good idea.  Stick to the Facts and let your personality shine. 

M – Make the most of your interview.  Don’t be afraid to list your achievements.

N – Never criticise an employer in your interview.  It can make you seem hard to work with.

O – Over confidence can make you seem arrogant - try getting the balance right.

P – Parents or carers can be great to practise your interview technique with. If they need help understanding more about your career options get them to check out My World of Work's parent hub.

Q – Questions are getting tougher in interviews.  Be prepared.

R – Rusty? Not had an interview before? Need more help? Visit My World of Work.

S – STAR – and no we don’t mean the ones that light up our night sky. The STAR technique is a great way to give examples of your past successes and achievements.

T – Think about your answers in advance.  These days and interviewer may ask a tricky question. We've put together a list of some tricky interview questions and how to answer them.

U – Unbrushed hair and shabby appearance is a no no. It may make the employer call into question your interest in the role.

V – Volunteering can be just as important as employment history.  It shows that you will go above and beyond.

W – Worried about making a mistake?  We've all been there. Here's some advice to avoid those embarrassing faux pas!

X – eXtra hot? Sweaty hands?  Don’t worry this is completely natural when we get nervous. Why not nip to the bathroom before your interview and put your wrists under the cold water for 2 mins.  It will instantly cool you down.

Y – You are awesome – Remember that.  Don’t try and become someone you’re not.  Employers will want to see the real you. 

Z – ZZZ – Feeling sleepy after your interview? This is normal.  Under an intense situation like an interview your body produces adrenaline.  Once it is over the adrenaline soon wears off making you feel sleepy.  Get a good nights rest and don’t over analyse your interview too much. 

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