A Guide to Packing for Your Holidays

Don't know what to pack for your holiday? Master the art of clever packing!

How many times have you gone on holiday and packed far too much stuff? We're talking clothes, books, shoes, games or even taking lots of homework (that never got done!).

To help you become a smart packer we've got a few quick and easy tips for you so you are taking the right stuff without having to leave anything behind!

Top packing tips

  • Pack your tickets, money, passport in your hand luggage.
  • Try to plan out what you are going to bring with you rather than shoving any old thing in a bag.
  • Share items - if you know someone else is going to bring toothpaste and hair-straighteners ask if you can have a lend, that way you don't have to bring some too.
  • Don't bring too many expensive things with you. You might need things to keep you amused but don't go overboard in case they get stolen.
  • Roll your clothes. This will help avoid creases and take up less room.
  • Check how much baggage you are allowed to bring with you. If you are flying then airlines have some restrictions on how big or heavy your case can be. You might have to pay extra if you don't stick to these rules!
  • Put socks or small items inside the shoes/boots you are packing.
  • Use a mini padlock to lock your bag/suitcase. Add a tag (with your name and address) to each bag you're bringing, just in case your luggage gets lost at the airport (better to be safe than sorry)

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