Eight Ways To Turn A Christmas Job Into A Permanent Job

Managed to get a job for the Christmas season and keen to keep it into the new year? Read our tips on how to make that temp job last longer! 

1. Make yourself memorable

Say hello to your colleagues as you come in for your shift and let them know when you’re leaving. It's the little things that make you stand out to other people.

2. Socialise!

Get to know your colleagues, and try to go along to any Christmas nights out you might have – but try not to do anything embarrassing!

3. Take initiative

If there is a display area that is empty, why not ask to go to the stockroom to help fill it up? Or if a customer looks like they need help, ask them how you can assist? Queue at the tills? Ask your supervisor if you can go onto checkouts and help.

4. Be available

If there are any opportunities to take overtime, or help out other staff by swapping shifts, do so! Make yourself as available as possible.

5. Know the company

Do as much research as you can and find out the company's values – what are their goals for the future, what kind of employees do they want? Make sure you help them toward their future plans!

6. Customer service is key!

Always do the best you possibly can to help customers. Lots of shops have online questionnaires in order to get feedback, so make sure if your work has them that customers fill them out. Managers will definitely notice if customers make good comments about your service!

7. Don't complain

Remember, working during Christmas will be busy no matter where you work, and customers may be stressed and agitated. Don’t complain, smile, and do your best. A good attitude will be noticed.

8. Don't worry!

If you don’t get kept on after Christmas, don’t worry – sometimes companies may request your help during the summer if they haven’t been able to keep you on. If you've made a good impression they will remember you! Fingers crossed!

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