Eight Ways to Help Beat Racism

1. Don’t take the abuse 

Everyone, no matter what their nationality or race, has a right to live happily and free from discrimination. 

2. Know you're not the one with the problem 

Remember you're not the one causing the trouble, you’ve done nothing wrong.

3. Tell someone 

Speak to your teachers, friends and family about what's going on, so that you can get their help and support. Speak up now before the problem takes over.

4. Keep evidence 

Keep a diary of what's been happening, to show others how it is affecting you and what support you need. Then, take action. You can do it!

5. Be prepared to speak out 

Be prepared to speak out and tell people just how it’s affecting your life and your well-being.

6. Keep safe and aware 

You can't spend your life looking over your shoulder, but it pays to be aware of dangers. Stick with groups of friends if you feel vulnerable.

7. Never give up! 

You might not be able to tackle racism by yourself. Seek out support and accept help where you can. Remember racism just isn't cool and no one should have to put up with it.

8. Get others involved 

You could start an anti-racism project or newsletter at your school or youth group  or set up a discussion group to talk about relevant issues andwhat you can do to help.

If you need to talk to someone, you can call ChildLine for free on 0800 1111. 

If you witness racism or are a victim of racism - report it.

You can report racist incidents to Police Scotland by visiting your local police station, filling out a form online or by calling 101. If it’s an emergency you should call 999.

When you report the incident you should ask for the incident reference number. 

If you have difficulty speaking or understanding English, you can ask the police to provide an interpreter - they must provide you with one.

For more advice on reporting hate crimes visit the Citizen's Advice Scotland website.