5 Things You Told Us In Our EU Referendum Poll

We asked for your opinions about the upcoming EU referendum, and here's what you told us! 

Lots of you think the voting age should've been lowered

Nearly 73% of respondents thought that 16 and 17 year olds should have been allowed to vote in the EU referendum.

Equal treatment and protection of freedoms matters most to you

64% of those surveyed said this issue was 'very important' to you. Security and higher education were also important topics.

You feel you lack some of the information you need to make your choice

Nearly all the respondents (83%) said they had at least some gaps in their information. 

You wish you had more information about education

The next most popular topics were human rights and security/antiterrorism. 

Those of you who can vote are planning to do so

Over 93 % of respondents said they were intending to vote in the EU referendum.