4 Ways to Keep Cigarette Cravings at Bay

Tips on how to keep those pesky cigarette cravings away

If you've decided to give up smoking - well done! Keep going!

It can be really difficult to do, as nicotine is addictive, and it can be hard to find something to replace those cigarette breaks with.

Many things can remind you of cigarettes, even something as simple as certain juice, or the time of day.

Here are ways to distract yourself to not give into the temptation to have a smoke:

By getting outside, even just for a quick five minute walk, you can help keep those cravings at bay. Plus you'll be improving your health even more!

Chewing gum or even drinking from a straw can keep your mouth occupied, so you don't miss the cigarette in your mouth. Plus it can help improve your dental health!

It can be part of your routine holding onto a cigarette... so why not use your hands for something more productive? You could doodle or write, or you could play some video games... or even just get some work done!

Remind yourself why you are giving up - you could keep a photo of a family member that you want to be able to spend more time with or be more active with, or it could be something you are saving up for like a holiday or a new pair of shoes.

Want to quit smoking? The NHS has lots of ways to help you give up cigarettes for good.

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